Property Management Services

Your Property Manager at Property Management Melbourne is responsible for the day-to-day running of your investment property and are your sole point of contact, you will not be sent from one person to the next as is happening with some Agencies.

Your Manager is also the sole point of contact for your tenants. This means you only have to speak to one person to get all the answers you need. They are all qualified licensed property managers and Property Management Melbourne is a subsidiary of Australian Property Investor an REIV member and accredited Agency.

Our Property Managers never individually manage more than 150 properties each. We find that most new business we get is due to the Landlords previous Property Manager being over worked and thus being unable to fulfill their duties and responsibilities fully. I have informed that many even brag that they are managing 250+ properties.

No one person can do this and complete all the tasks necessary to offer the minimum level of service required to complete all the responsibilities associated with your property. Ask your property manager "how many properties do you manage?"

If you are looking for the best property management service and higher returns for your rental property, we are the experts. Our Property Managers are also equipped with the experience in providing investors with current market information; rental appraisals, maintenance and buyers advocate advice.

Marketing the Property

The Internet has now taken over from all other forms of advertising; the days of having to spend thousands of dollars for print advertising have ended. Today prospective tenants can get instant updates as to what properties are available in the specific areas and price range they are searching on websites such as and

Whilst newspaper advertising can compliment Internet exposure, we have found that the cost generally out weighs the benefits.

Tenants no longer come to offices asking for rental lists and in so create a situation where "local" agents don't really have any advantage over an Agent in the next suburb.

What is now important is that your Property Manager has the time to take tenants for private appointments as well as advertised open for inspections, so as to leave no stone unturned in the search for the very best tenant for your rental property. This gives, you the landlords a much larger choice of which Licensed Real Estate Agent you will work with as office location is no longer a determining factor.

Rent Collection

Property Management Melbourne allows all of its tenants the options of paying their rent by B-Pay, Direct Debit or Internet Banking hence offering the tenant no reason or excuse for not having the money in on time every month.

Landlord Insurance

Our property managers recommend that Landlords have current Landlord Insurance on each property we manage. This will cover you for things like loss of rent and damage by your tenants. At less than $300 per annum it is money well spent.

Building and contents insurance and public liability insurance are also "must haves". When your property is subject to an Owner's Corporation or what used to be a Body Corporate; they generally hold Building and Public Liability Insurance on the individual owners' behalf.

Property Maintenance

It is imperative that your rental property is presented to any prospective tenant in a clean and serviceable condition. If a property is "let go" it will only cost the Landlord in the long run as a well maintained property will always rent faster and for more money that one that has not been kept in the best condition.

As your Property Managers we will keep on top of any issues that arise and keep you informed of these at all times. API property management work closely with our tenants and trades people to resolve any issues in the shortest amount of time. It is very important to make sure all tenants are happy with their interactions as this will lead to longer tenancies and lest costs for you the Landlord.

Monthly Accounting

All of our Landlords are sent a detailed monthly statement by way of email or post showing all transactions including rent, fees, outgoings and maintenance costs etc.

The Property Management software we employ allows us to deposit all monies owed directly into your nominated Bank Account.

At the end of the financial year you will receive a separate Annual Statement for each property we manage for you. Your Accountant will require this yearly Property Management Statement to maximize any Tax benefits you may be able to benefit from.

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